About The Book

The Hunt for Madoff's Treasure - book cover

The author explores what most people agree was the crime of the century in the United States…Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme which took in billions from unwitting investors. And after Madoff’s mea culpa (his admission of guilt) and with billions of dollars unaccounted for, it opened the floodgates to hundreds of treasure hunters searching for where Madoff hid his ill-gotten fortune. But as you’ll see, the jokes on us because Bernie merely travelled the yellow brick road that thousands have taken before him and undoubtedly others will take in the future in their quest to bury their treasure.

Thrown into the narrative are two unlikely protagonists…Max a freelance operative who accepts an assignment from a Wall Street titan to get Madoff out of jail and Joe a defrocked NYPD detective now working as a private investigator assigned to find where Madoff hid the money?

However, what you’ll also learn is that Madoff was extraordinarily lucky. For early on, he found and nurtured a young boy…a young savant who created elaborate formulas that revolutionized the buying and selling of stocks and bonds on Wall Street. The result of which was the birth of the NASDAQ stock exchange with of all people, Bernie Madoff as its chairman. In doing so it gave Madoff the air of legitimacy, which he used to suck in greater and greater investments.

With all the ensuing twists and turns, who do you think found the treasure…the freelancer or the private investigator? Rest assured…read the book and you’ll discover who found it and where it’s hidden.